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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 9/18/23: Venom Tutorials, Stern Production Updates, Power Ranking Pinball Eras, How to Desolder Board Components & MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 9/18/23: Venom Tutorials, Stern Production Updates, Power Ranking Pinball Eras, How to Desolder Board Components & MORE

The Scoop

Dwight Sullivan Joins a Venom Stream

Stern Senior Game Developer Dwight Sullivan joined Flip N Out with Friends for a stream of Venom (Pro). Joel and Jared get a live coaching session from Dwight on how to play the game. Watch this stream, then follow the written tutorial from Kineticist below, and you’ll be all set the next time you step up to Venom on location.

TWIP Mood Music

It’s time to start getting hyped for spooky season! Here’s Boogie Man Boogie from Scared Stiff. Composed by Paul Heitsch and Dave Zabriskie.

Stern Production Schedule Updates

A helpful graphic provided by The Pinball Company recaps what we know of Stern’s production schedule for the remainder of the year. Of note is the addition of a run of Guardians of the Galaxy Pro games in December. There still seems to be a bit of a gap in November. Could this be where we see a run of vaulted games, like the rumored Stranger Things or even Metallica?

“We Are Venom”: A Guide to Brian Eddy’s Latest Creation

Kineticist contributor Noah Crable explains the essential rules and strategies you need to get started with Stern’s latest release, Venom. He covers everything from host selection to tackling the mini-modes to battles and key multiballs.

Power Ranking Pinball Machines by Eras

Nudge Magazine does a meta-analysis by power ranking pinball’s various eras. You’ll never guess what #1 is!

Tips on How to Desolder Components from Circuit Boards

It’s been a bit since we’ve featured a technical video, but here’s a helpful tutorial by PinballHelp about desoldering components from circuit boards. Enjoy!

Pinball Media Mixer @ Pinball Expo 2023

Are you a pinball content creator and coming to Pinball Expo in October? Be sure to join TWIP and Kineticist for the first-ever Pinball Media Mixer at ENTERRIUM on 10/19. Space is limited, so you must request an invite to attend. Learn more and request your invite here.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please email [email protected] for info.

Odds & Evens

  • AtGames is teaming up with Zen Studios for an Addams Family themed Vpin (AtGames)

  • Carey Hardey reviews Cactus Canyon (YouTube)

  • Mystery Pinball Company Teases New Pics (Kineticist)

  • New Galactic Tank Force Gameplay Video from SDTM (YouTube)

  • Don Garrison (Don’s Pinball Podcast) Gets Interviewed on LoserKid (YouTube)

Meme of the Week

Candidate for pinball topper of the year, perhaps?

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