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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 9/12/22: James Bond 007 by Stern Pinball will be Released Tomorrow and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 9/12/22: James Bond 007 by Stern Pinball will be Released Tomorrow and MORE

The Scoop

James Bond 007 Tease by Stern Pinball

What We Know:

  • Steve Ritchie had started on the game before he left Stern, but George Gomez reworked it

  • Gomez says there will be some big surprises with the game

  • ALL of your favorite bond villains will be included

  • The Aston Martin DB5 will be in the game with the ejector seat

  • Registered All-Access members will get a chance to purchase a limited number of LE games on the Stern Store at 10am CST Tomorrow

  • Reveal Tomorrow ** Update ** Delayed until next week in respect for The Queen


  • Sean Connery films included

  • Kaneda thinks it will include multiple films and will have a Thunderball art package

  • They will be selling a Super LE model that might be a 60th Anniversary Edition with all of the Bond’s in it

Marco PinTech LIVE: Interview with George Gomez and Taylor Bancroft about Insider Connected Updates

MarcoTV Logo

Imoto and Kyle of Marco TV discussed Insider Connected with George Gomez and Taylor Bancroft of Stern Pinball. Check out some of the things they talked about below including a couple hints at what Gomez put in the upcoming James Bond game.

  • Discussion of Taylor Bancroft’s role at Stern as Insider Connected Producer

  • George created the Crash and Bash Demo Derby toys back in the 80’s

  • During Pinball 2000 internet connectivity was focused on service issues and code updates for operators

  • Stern is getting a ton of game operation information from the data collected with Insider Connected

  • They are developing an App that is a stepping stone to other things, including paying for games

  • Leaderboards for home are a popular ask but no indication of when those would be available

  • Quests are coming as a new feature – Time specific challenges that reward badges; eventually they will span across games

  • George tells us that he started from scratch on James Bond even though Ritchie started on it

  • There will be a surprise with James Bond coming that George showed on a peak of on video

  • Remote adjustments for settings on games will be an upcoming feature for IC

  • Insider Connected will be added to home pins

  • George leaks that the surprises for James Bond will include ALL of your favorite villains

  • The Aston Martin DB5 will be in the game with the ejector seat

The Super Awesome Pinball Show – Interview Pinball Brothers about Queen Pinball

The Super Awesome Pinball Show

The hosts of The Super Awesome Pinball Show talk with Daniel Janson and Alexander Spohr of the Pinball Brothers about their new game Queen.

  • About 40 people involved now with Pinball Brothers

  • They want to transform the company into a bigger pinball manufacturer

  • Alien Production – At about 600 games shipped now

  • Will make Alien and Queen in parallel on multiple lines at Pedretti Gaming, their manufacturing partner

  • They had the 2D CAD drawings of the original Queen designs

  • They changed a lot of the layout from the originals with Alexander named as the designer

  • Alexander described the art process as well as why they couldn’t use the original Brian Allen artwork

  • Got agreement from Queen for the comic style artwork they settled on done by Stefan Akin

  • Pinball Brothers didn’t negotiate any different license agreement with Queen besides what Highway had acquired

  • The game does have callouts from the band members

  • They discussed the subtle reveal at the pop-up Queen store

  • To get up to the guitar upper playfield there is a trap door in the right orbit

  • Physical lock under the guitar

  • Songs are modes and are selected before plunging; complete them and switch song in the left saucer

  • They have the concert video assets and are synced with the songs being played

  • Also syncing the light affects with the music

  • The goal is to keep gameplay the same between models

Straight Down the Middle – This or That?

Repair and Maintenance Tips

Pinball Help released a new video about what to do when you get your hands on an older machine.

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