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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 2/27/23: Foo Fighters Teased by Stern, Galactic Tank Force Teased by American Pinball, and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 2/27/23: Foo Fighters Teased by Stern, Galactic Tank Force Teased by American Pinball, and MORE

The Scoop

Stern Teases Next Cornerstone: Foo Fighters

Stern released a video teaser announcing their next cornerstone game will be Foo Fighters. The rumors so far are that it will have artwork by Zombie Yeti and that the storyline of the game will be that you are helping the Foo Fighters fight off an alien invasion. It is also rumored that this might be Jack Danger’s first cornerstone design after his success on the Jurassic Park home pin. It looks like the full reveal will be next Tues 2/28 @ 12noon Central. Rock Yeah!

The Foo Fighters are a Grammy Award winning alternative rock/grunge band that was formed by Dave Grohl, formerly the drummer for Nirvana. There are rumors that they will be releasing a new album in March 2023 which would align nicely with the promotion of the pinball machine.

Galactic Tank Force Video Teaser by American Pinball

American Pinball gives us more information about their next game which is now confirmed as Galactic Tank Force. What we learned:

  • Kerri Hoskens, actress from Mortal Kombat franchise will be featured

  • Actor Jeff Hoover will also be included

  • Fun for the entire family and has a lot of assets

  • Name Galactic Tank Force confirmed

Official Bond 60th Anniversary Gameplay Stream

Jack Danger, Dead Flip, did the gameplay stream with Keith Elwin, Mark Penacho, and George Gomez from the Stern design team. We learned the following things:

  • Moby’s Retheme of the James Bond Theme is in the game and going to be in the cornerstone as well

  • The different sounds packages can be selected per player and include classic chimes from different eras

  • There is an Insider Connected Achievement if you play multiball on all of the sound packages

  • Elwin hates lane changing using the flippers so not available on Bond 60th

  • Ball trap stacking is a fun game at Stern

  • Rumored that there will be a Bond 60th at TPF – Texas Pinball Festival

  • Majority of the Bond 60th are exported outside US

  • Expression Light kits are coming soon but backordered games come first

  • Rush topper is coming soon

  • Godzilla accessories are coming soon

Queen by Pinball Brothers Gameplay Stream

JDL Pinball streamed the first official gameplay stream of Queen by the Pinball Brothers. We learned the following from it:

  • Joe Schober, software designer, discusses the rules on the stream

  • David Theil, sound design, is in chat answering questions

  • Kelly Mazurowski, animations, is also in chat answering questions

  • Currently at Code Version 0.86 with a lot of updates coming

  • Queen will be at TPF – Texas Pinball Festival

  • Shots and rules are discussed

  • Encore multiball in the right outlane

  • 14 songs in the game with each having their own goals and features

  • Some rules/features are in tune with the music and only occur during certain points in songs

  • Attract mode includes a jukebox feature

  • All switches are under the playfield using electro-magnet proximity sensors

  • Looks like it plays fast and furious

New Game Rumor Updates

There have been several new game rumors floating around that we have added to our Latest Games and Rumors page.

Make sure to check out the Latest Games and Rumors page.

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