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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 12/12/22: More Details on Scooby-Doo Pinball, A Brief History Of Pinball, and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 12/12/22: More Details on Scooby-Doo Pinball, A Brief History Of Pinball, and MORE

The Scoop

Spooky Pinball Live Chat Scooby-Doo Pinball

Bug (Designer), Spooky Luke (Designer), and Spooky DJ (Software) answered questions on their latest game Scooby-Doo Pinball. We learn quite a few more details about the game. They did have some website issues during their opening sales day, but there still seem to be some of the 1,969 available as of this post. Get yours: http://shop.spookypinball.com/pinball-machines-c4.php

  • There is an Adult Mode but it isn’t “what you think”

  • Normal widebody width

  • Standard size for gameplay with toys/mechs around it

  • Co-op mode possible in the future with the 5 characters

  • 7 balls in the game

  • CE Art is different on both sides of the cabinet

  • Apron locks can lock 2 balls on each side

  • Access to the first 2 seasons of original series

  • Discussing putting in a laugh track

  • No full orbits, they are horseshoes instead

  • Back of left orbit has a magnet that drops the ball into the subway

  • Modes end with a hurry up shot that unmasks the villain

  • Using a new board system designed in-house

  • 7 villain modes, 5 gang modes, plus mystery modes and mini games

  • First shipment mid to late Jan 2023

  • Frank Welker does the voice of Scooby in the game

  • Wireforms on Standard Edition are a matte black

  • No plan to do a video mode

  • All sculpts are injection molded.  No 3D prints.

  • Topper doesn’t have any motion

  • Ball save drop target pops up if center ramp rejects

  • WIFI updates are in the works but might not get into Scooby-Doo

  • Each character you choose to play as has their own perks and modes

  • Action button is used in multiple modes

  • Servos are used for the apron locks and Scooby in the barrel

  • No Scrappy-Doo in the game

  • Will be adding stealing of apron ball locks by popular demand on the stream

Silverball Chronicles – A Brief History Of Pinball

Silverball Chronicles

David and Ron of Silverball Chronicles continue to provide well researched pinball history with a sense of humor. This time they cover the major turning points of pinball to give us some background on how we have developed to this golden-age.

The Super Awesome Pinball Show – George Gomez Pt. 1 & 2

The Super Awesome Pinball show did a two part interview with George Gomez. Gomez is always very open and truthful about what he can say about Stern and his latest game James Bond 007. Below are a few of the highlights from both episodes with the news that an app for Insider Connected will be coming in January.

  • Talk about Gomez taking over from Ritchie and what was in the original whitewood that got scrapped

  • Discuss the 60th Anniversary edition machine designed by Keith Elwin

  • Discuss the music in James Bond 007

  • Could not get the Goldfinger theme song because of cost

  • Talk about the poster art on the sides of the game

  • They considered doing 6 games for each of the films

  • The original jetpack flew around more and landed on the playfield but space was too limited for it

  • Discuss some of the one-liners that Gomez wanted in the callouts

  • Gomez also describes how they work with licensers to get approval for video assets associated with the feedback on the playfield

  • Admits that the scoops on Rush were a mistake

  • Insider Connected App coming in January

LoserKid Pinball Podcast: Interviewed Roger Sharpe about Pinball! The Movie

LoserKid Pinball Podcast

LoserKid interviews Roger Sharpe about the making of the movie Pinball! They discuss Sharpe’s involvement in selecting the cast and the interviews he did to help them get the story of his life down.

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