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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/10/22: 007 Stream Coming, Elvira, Classic Legends of Valhalla Pinball ,and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/10/22: 007 Stream Coming, Elvira, Classic Legends of Valhalla Pinball ,and MORE

Legends of Valhalla Classic
The Scoop

Stern Announced the James Bond 007 Stream

007 Dead Flip Stream

In the latest Stern of the Union, Stern announced that the first official stream of James Bond 007 will be on Tues 10/18/2022 @ 6pm Central on the Dead Flip Twitch channel. George Gomez and design team will be joining Jack Danger to go over the game.

The Super Awesome Pinball Show: Interview Elvira and Greg Freres

The Super Awesome Pinball Show

The gang at The Super Awesome Pinball Show were able to ask some question of Cassandra Peterson, Elvira. They talked about the three Elvira games and her involvement with them. Both Cassandra and Greg Freres give some incite to easter eggs found in the artwork and history behind the making for the games.

  • Discusses Elvira and the Party Monsters and some of shoutouts put in the backglass

  • Cleavage stickers

  • On Scared Stiff Cassandra asked to put her cat on the backglass

  • Cassandra picked the movies that are portrayed in the new Elvira’s House of Horrors

  • Discusses her new autobiography and bootique on elvira.com

  • Greg Freres has been with Stern for 10 years now

  • He discusses other easter eggs in the artwork of Elvira and the Party Monsters

  • The spinning spider in Scared Stiff came from marketing request to add a feature to the backglass to draw attention to it

  • Dennis Nordman wanted the diorama backglass design for Scared Stiff

  • Greg talked about the easter egg of the Attack From Mars alien on one of the VHS covers and why they call it Corn Man from Mars

  • House of Horrors turned out to be Lyman’s last game and he was heavily involved with design and ideas

  • Lyman wanted Jackpot inserts on the playfield instead of just showing them on screen

  • Greg and Lyman watched through 26 different movies and picked snippets from them for House of Horrors

  • Discussion of how they worked with Cassandra to get the video footage with Elvira on the couch for House of Horrors

  • Cassandra retired as Elvira right about the time this game came out so the video footage is some of the last she has done

  • Cassandra suggested the couch pieces for the Signature Edition.  Greg’s wife cut each piece for the games.

American Pinball Announces the Classic Edition of Legends of Valhalla

After running the Limited Deluxe edition of the Legends of Valhalla for about a year now, American Pinball has announced their plans to start production of the Classic and Deluxe editions early in 2023. There are very few differences between the new Deluxe and Classic editions except for interior art blades, magic glass, and shaker motor. I really enjoyed playing LOV at Pinball Expo last year and think the new Classic edition might be right at my price point.


  • Legends of Valhalla Limited Deluxe SOLD OUT

  •  Legends of Valhalla Classic $7,395.00 US Dollars UMRP

  •  Legends of Valhalla Deluxe $7,995.00 US Dollars UMRP

Model Comparison

LOV Comparison

Wired: History of The Addams Family Pinball Machine

Addams Family Pinball

Wired published a great article on the history of The Addams Family machine and talk to several collectors and players on why it was such a huge sales hit. This article includes statements from such pinball famous folks as Roger Sharpe, Tim Arnold, Clay Harrell, and Jane Verwys.

Repair and Maintenance Tips

Mark’s Basement Arcade released a new video that gives a good example of what cold solder joints are and how to look for them.

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