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  • The TWIPY Pinball Awards: A Celebration of the Hobby and the Pinball Event of the Year – VOTING NOW OPEN!!

The TWIPY Pinball Awards: A Celebration of the Hobby and the Pinball Event of the Year – VOTING NOW OPEN!!

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Voting runs from 1/3/22-1/17/22

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The Pinball Event of the Year – Coming this March LIVE at the Texas Pinball Festival!

TWIPYs Overview

This Week in Pinball is excited to announce the fifth annual TWIPY Pinball Awards will be taking place again this March!  The TWIPYs are an annual celebration of the pinball hobby, where the public votes for their favorite features from pinball machines released in 2021, as well as their favorite pinball content creators. Voting runs from January 3rd through January 17th.

This year the TWIPYs will be hosted by two well-known personalities in the world of gaming, Jack Danger of Dead Flip and Imoto Arcade.  The awards show will include celebrities and many well-known pinball personalities.  More information on the awards show will be coming soon.


The TWIPY Committee returns, and this year it is comprised of Steve Bowden, Imoto Harney, Josh Sharpe, Lloyd Olson, Lauren Gray, Joel Reeves, William Oetting, and Jeff Patterson.  The Committee will be responsible for determining game eligibility and categories, show and schedule coordination, and most importantly, maintaining the integrity of the voting process through our online secure voting process, and helping review and validate votes and results.

Voting Format, Eligibility Requirements, Meeting Minutes


Game specific Categories:

Best Theme – Based on THEME ONLY 

Best Animations and Display 

Best Lightshow 

Best Toys and Gimmicks 

Best Theme Integration 

Best Music and Sound Effects 

Best Callouts 

Best Rules 

Best Playfield Gameplay and Layout 

Best Artwork 

Game of the Year 

Other Categories:

Favorite Pinball Streamer

Favorite Pinball Podcast

Favorite Pinball YouTube Channel

Favorite Pinball Mod of 2021 (third party mods only)

Favorite Pinball Accessory of 2021 (manufacturer accessories only)

Favorite Home Brew Pinball Machine

Rookie of the Year

Favorite Pinball Website

Favorite Pinball Convention

Favorite Pinball Location

Favorite Competitive Pinball Player

Favorite Pinball Tournament/Competition (in person or online)

Favorite Pinball Mobile App

Favorite Pinball Topper of 2021

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