Elite Pinball Toppers Announces POTC Topper!

POTC Elite Pinball Topper

Elite Pinball Toppers is revealing their newest creation today – the POTC Elite Pinball Topper! Below are all the details.

Limited Edition: Only 100 units available worldwide. The POTC Elite Pinball Topper is the ultimate immersive experience that’s designed for and interacts with the 2018 POTC Pinball Machine. The topper works with SE, LE and CE trim levels. This topper is packed with technology and industry firsts and takes “illusion” to a new level. In the center of the topper lies a 3D modeled, hand painted, and aged pirate ship that is sinking into the ocean after its been attacked by (5) menacing tentacles that are reaching out from the depths of the sea. Two of the five hand painted and 3D modeled tentacles physically move/articulate as they give the illusion of the ship being dragged to the ocean deep. These moving waves also interact with the game’s action button on the lock down bar. The ship also has a flickering “candle-like effect” taking place inside the boat to make it appear as though there is activity aboard the sinking ship.

In front of the ship is (5) 3D modeled / hand painted ocean waves. Two of the five waves move/articulate back and forth giving the illusion of raging seas. These “rocking” waves are uniquely coded with different speeds that interact with and respond to the speed of the black pearls rocking motion on the playfield. As the black pearl sways more from side to side, the waves react and change speed accordingly. To further sell the illusion, the entire backdrop of the topper is an ultrawide HD monitor that plays realistic footage of raging seas that are surrounded by fog in the night and lightning strikes in the sky.

The topper also has (in total) 220 individually addressable RGB LEDs that have been coded to create breathtaking visual effects in between each wave, in front of the boat, and around the tentacles. Behind the Ultrawide HD monitor, and on the backside of the topper, lies 72 RGB LEDs that create ocean-like effects on your walls and ceiling while simultaneously creating a 4D effect of flashing lightning strikes that are synchronized with the footage being played on the HD monitor.

Each topper is equipped with an exclusive CNC Cut, Aluminum Numbered Plaque (1 through 100). Also each topper will come with a commemorative “Pirate Coin” that is hand gilded in Genuine 24k gold. This coin can be placed under the glass as a mod or used as a keepsake.

Elite Pinball Toppers does not “re-run” its toppers. This is a common question we get. When these 100 units are gone, they will never be made again.

With your purchase, you will receive:

  • 3/4″ melamine base and backdrop

  • Black 1/8″ PVC molded edge banding

  • 3D Modeled “Pirate Ship”

  • Flickering candlelight effect inside pirate ship

  • 3D modeled, hand painted, static tentacles (quantity 3)

  • 3D Modeled, hand painted, “moving/articulating” Tentacles (quantity 2)

  • “Moving/articulatingtentacles interact with game play / action button

  • 3D Modeled, hand painted, static waves (quantity 3)

  • 3D Modeled, hand painted, “moving/articulating” waves (quantity 2)

  • “moving/articulatingWaves INTERACT with moving Black Pearl ship on Playfield

  • 220 individually addressable RGB LED’s (in total)

  • Custom LED light shows and attract modes

  • Topper backdrop is an ultrawide HD Monitor

  • HD monitor plays raging seas with fog / lightning storm special effects footage

  • Lightning effects on HD monitor interact with RGB LED’s to create a stunning 4D effect

  • 72 RBG LED’s on the back of the topper create ocean like effects on your wall / ceiling

  • Exclusive CNC cut, hand polished, aluminum, numbered plaque

  • Hand gilded genuine 24k gold – Pirate Coin (Use as a mod or collector keep-sake)

  • Goodie bag with a detailed set of printed instructions, power cables, and all necessary items to install your topper

If you’re looking for the ultimate POTC topper, look no further and be one of only 100 ELITE owners worldwide. Like all of our current and previous toppers, once all units have been sold, this “Elite Model” Topper will never be available again. The topper installs using factory mounts in around 30 minutes. No drilling required. * Our Topper is exactly 1+3/8″ or 1.375″ taller than the factory topper’s highest point (left flame)* Make sure you have clearance. All sales are final.

Disclaimer: Adding any aftermarket modifications or products to your pinball machine can void the manufacturer’s warranty and/or damage your property. By sending any form of payment for your product, you are agreeing to hold Elite Pinball Toppers LLC, its agents, its products, and authorized personnel harmless and relieve them from any responsibility or liability for any legal action or damage, “whether direct or consequential” cost or expense (including attorney’s fee). WARNING – This product also comes equipped with a P65 California Warning Label.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL – NO RETURNS“All toppers are built to order and are on a first come, first serve basis. Build time can range from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on where you are in the queue.”

Elite Pinball Toppers also shared that they plan to release a standard model of this topper in the future. The standard model will be static and will not include moving waves or moving tentacles. It will also not include the back board or ultra wide HD monitor. The standard model will come with the 3D ship, 3D waves, 3D tentacles, and RGB LEDs. Stay tuned for more information on the standard model.

NORTH AMERICAN ORDERS: http://www.elitepinballtoppers.com/

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: https://www.rs-pinball.at

Check out the video below to see the topper in action!!

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